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Darlene Lansden


Tuesday, APRIL 24, 2018
Contact Mary Chris Barth 580-273-6628 or 480-837-5415
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GOVERNOR’S COMMENDATION - Mr. Cecil Mitchell was presented with a commendation from Governor Mary Fallin in honor of his 101st birthday in February. The presentation was made at the Forgan Golden Agers with many relatives and friends in attendance. Presenting the commendation to Mr. Mitchell was Colonel Calvin Moreland, assisted by Cecil’s daughter, Sue. A former resident of Beaver, Colonel Moreland is retired from the Oklahoma Air National Guard and the United States Air Force.


Cecil Mitchell awarded Commendation

by Governor Mary Fallin

On February 18, 2018, Cecil Mitchell was presented with the Governor’s Commendation awarded by Governor Mary Fallin on February 7, 2018.  This was Cecil’s 101 birthday.
The presentation was made at the Forgan Golden Agers building in Forgan with many relatives and friends in attendance.  Presenting the Commendation and representing the Oklahoma Military Department was Colonel Calvin Moreland, assisted by Sue Mitchell, Cecil’s daughter.  A former resident of Beaver, Col Moreland is retired from the Oklahoma Air National Guard and the U.S. Air Force. 
The Citation reads as follows:


                                          MARY  FALLIN

Be it resolved this Governor’s Commendation is hereby presented to:

                                     CECIL R. MITCHELL

Of Beaver, Oklahoma – in recognition of your being on this earth for

     Over a century and in appreciation of your service to our great

                  Nation in the Army Air Corps in World War II.

     It is my distinct honor to join your loved ones in offering best

 Wishes on this very special occasion, the 7th day of February, 2018.

                May your day be filled with joy and many blessings.

                                          Happy 101st Birthday!

(signed by Mary Fallin).                                                                                           




Darci was on "Little Big Shots" TV Sunday, April 8, 2018 7 p.m. on NBC
Darci's performance was very good

Kristin Martinez of Beaver got to meet Darci Farmer and friend recently. Kristin has been receiving treatment and chemo therapy, She is four years old.



BEST Honors Beaver Students Monday

A total of 70 Beaver students were honored Monday night at the annual Scholars’ Banquet, sponsored by the Beaver Education Support Team.

Dr. Callie Mosburg, a 2003 graduate, was the featured speaker to the crowd of 200 students, parents and grandparents.

Students honored were as follows:

Honor (4.0): Amanda Bolinger (12), Rebekah Dame (12), Emilie Kemp (12), Zurab Mikiashvili (12), Jeanette Levick (10), Elias Burrell (9), Angelina Marlow (9), Devyn Porter (9), Raegan Russell (9), Zoee Weaver (9), Jarrett Short (7).

Scholarship (3.75-3.99): Bailey Judd (12), Devyn Lansden (12), Natalie Linville (12), Hannah Mosburg (12), Gage Scott (12), Rylie Schlessman (11), Cierra Story (10), Sauncy Reddick (10), Lauren Weber (10), Misael Chavez (9), Joshua Levick (9), Jaydon Mills (9), Addyson Noyes (9), Yahir Rivera (9), Dalton Perry (9), Edna Garcia (8), Adam Lotfy (8), Brant Osborn (8), Chance Cash (7), Carolina Lerma (7).

Achievement (3.50-3.74): Allison Glunt (12), Gabe Osborn (12), Skyler Perry (12), Jenna Pugh (12), Uli Ramirez (12), Haleigh Starr (12), Trevor Avey (11), Giovanna Baca (11), Juliet Chaloupek (11), Gabe Harris (11), Yuri Trejo (11), Carson Bolinger (10), Kadyn Noyes (10), Landri Bennett (9), Haley Facio (9), Acacia Hoover (9), Ada Juarez (9), Sydnee Looper (9), Junior Lozano (9), Brooklyn Rigdon (9), Emily Glunt (8), Yani Nevarez (8), Willie Norton (8), Malloree Schlessman (8), Zacharie Breeze (7), Pierce Bozarth (7), Payton Konkel (7), Jillian Standley (7).

Merit (3.25-3.49): Tony Lozano (12), Diana Gonzales (11), Alan Garcia (10), Avery Harrison (10), Julie Whiteeagle (10), Patrick Humby (9), Zaccary Hugg (9), Judy Harris (7), Kylie Huntley (7), Lauren Noyes (7), Dalton Walker (7).

Cimarron Territory Celebration Begins April 14

Events for the Cimarron Territory Celebration - featuring the 49th annual World Cow Chip Throwing Contest - have been announced for this April.

Events are as follows:

Saturday, April 14

Chili Cookoff, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Fairgrounds.

Cow Chip bingo, 11 a.m., Fairgrounds.

Antique tractor pull, 2 p.m., Fairgrounds arena.

Sunday, April 15

Cow Chip Classic Golf Tournament, 1 p.m., Beaver Pioneer Golf Course.

Monday, April 16

Cow Chip golf BASH, 6 p.m., Fairgrounds.

Tuesday, April 17

Chuckwagon Feed, 5 p.m., Fairgrounds.

Wednesday, April 18

Old Fashioned Church Service, 7 p.m., Presbyterian Church.

Thursday, April 19

Reception for Grand Marshal and Pioneer Queen, 2 p.m., First Security Bank Cimarron Room.

Hobby and Craft show set up, 3 to 7 p.m., Fairgrounds.

Carnival, 7 to 10 p.m., Fairgrounds.

First annual "Cowminister" Dog Show at fairgrounds at 6:30 p.m.

Friday, April 20

Hobby and Craft show, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Fairgrounds.

Carnival, 6 to 10 p.m.

Horse Shoe Contest, 5 p.m., Fairgrounds.

Cow Chip Games, 6 p.m., Fairgrounds.

Cow Chip glow run, 8:30 p.m., walking trail.

Saturday, April 21

Kiddie parade, 10:30 a.m., downtown.

Cow Chip parade, 11 a.m., Fairgrounds.

Hobby and Craft show, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Music, TBA, Fairgrounds, noon.

Can Throw, 12:30 p.m., Fairgrounds arena.

49th annual World Cow Chip Throwing Contest, 3 p.m., Fairgrounds arena.

Carnival, noon to 10 p.m., Fairgrounds.



Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture Jim Reese is shown with Troy DeWitt, Tel DeWitt, Todd Brink and Rhodena DeWitt on Monday at the Oklahoma Youth Expo. The DeWitt family is from Gate, OK and Brink is from Caledonia, Michigan. Brink was among those who brought hay and other supplies to Oklahoma following the Northwest Oklahoma Complex wildfires that began on March 6, 2017.


Partnership forms from 2017 Beaver County Wildfires

A friendship forged from wildfires

In five minutes – just a month after massive wildfires – a friendship was forged that will likely last a lifetime.
On Monday at the Oklahoma Youth Expo (OYE), Troy DeWitt, an Oklahoma Panhandle ranch hand, and Todd Brink, a farmer and rancher from Michigan, acted as if they’d been friends since childhood.

The two partnered on a Maine-Anjou heifer that DeWitt’s 17-year-old son Tel was showing as a commercial heifer at OYE at State Fair Park in Oklahoma City.

The Northwest Oklahoma Complex wildfires began on March 6, 2017. The monstrous fires would burn for days across 318,025 acres in Oklahoma and 782,333 acres in Oklahoma and Kansas combined, according to Oklahoma Forestry Services.

Exactly a month later on April 6, a convoy of 21 semi-trailers and pick-up trailers left the Wayland Hopkins Livestock Auction in Wayland, Mich., headed west towards Knowles, Okla. to help ranchers whose farms and livestock were destroyed by the fires. Their intent, which they carried out, was to deliver hay, feed, milk replacer, fencing supplies, and clothing items to ranchers who were affected by the fires. Then they headed back home to complete the round-trip of about 2,300 miles.

Upon arriving in Knowles, DeWitt, who also serves as fire chief for the Gate Volunteer Fire Department, met and visited with Brink, who back home has a herd of cows with his father, grows row crops and works in a feedlot. The conversation spanned no more than five minutes.

"I never saw him again the rest of the time they were here," DeWitt said.

But that wildfire has ignited countless friendships through phone calls, emails and especially on Facebook.
DeWitt of Gate, Okla., and Brink of Caledonia, Mich., became friends on Facebook and one day the cowboy from Oklahoma noticed a post that caught his attention.

"Todd posted he had some show steers for sell and they looked good," DeWitt said. "I asked him if he had any heifers. He sent a picture and said, ‘She’s pretty good, but I think I know of another.’ He sent a picture of that heifer and then called me and said, ‘Do you want to partner on this heifer?’I said, ‘Sure.’"

DeWitt’s wife Rhodena posed a fair question, "Are you sure you know him? You’ve only met him once."

DeWitt said he couldn’t explain it. He just had a feeling, a feeling of trust.

"If someone drives nearly 2,300 miles to help out complete strangers, they’ve got to be good people," DeWitt said on Monday while standing in barn 4F at State Fair Park.
Then he turned and pointed at the heifer.

"Now, this heifer is part of a friendship that will last a lifetime," DeWitt said.
At the end of December, Brink brought the heifer to Gate. Then he called DeWitt a couple of weeks ago and said he along with fellow Michigan residents Charles Miller and his father Fred Miller, who drove with Brink last April, would be coming to OYE.

"I want to see all of the big shows," Brink said.
This one in particular, as Tel DeWitt shows the heifer.
Tel, a 17-year-old senior at Laverne High School, didn’t come to OYE a year ago because, as his father Troy says with emotion choking his words, "He chose to stay and help me after the fires."
Tel said the friendships formed with those from Michigan and other states following the fires is an example of good people who want to help others.
"If something happened to them tomorrow," Tel said as he nodded toward Brink, "I’d load up and head that way."




Darci and Katie in Nashville at Grand Ole Opry




Steve Perry Opens Time Capsule

Many locals interested in capsule find

In the capsule was old newspapers, information about Beaver County

Historical treasure

Red Oak ended Forgan girl's season

Forgan vs. Red Oak

Thursday, March 1 - Yukon High School

ALL THE WAY - The Forgan High School girls basketball team captured the Area championship Saturday night with a 46-34 victory over top-ranked Lomega. The Lady Bulldogs begin State play Thursday in Yukon. Forgan's Basketball Season Ends at Yukon Thursday in First round With Red Oak


Beaver American Legion Post #149

the first Thursday of each month

at the Jones and Plummer Trail Museum

at 5:30 p.m. in the Calhoon Room


Nice crowd of folks that saw the 2015 Cow Chip Throw and got to participate when a chip would come apart and shower folks with the pieces Saturday, April 18, 2015 Drew Russell, son of Brock Russell of Beaver, set a new Men's Throw record.

Here is his toss Saturday, April 18, 2015

188 feet six inches

It was a record setting week at the 2015 Cimarron Territory Celebration, which ended Saturday evening with the 46th annual World Cow Chip Throwing Contest and demolition derby.

Huge crowds - including 300 or more people to watch the chip throw - were present at every event during the week.

"The celebration went very well," Chamber of Commerce president Brandon Porter said. "We were really pleased with everything from start to finish. We can’t express how much we appreciate our community for the support we get each and every year."

The 14-year-old men’s world chip toss record was broken Saturday by a BHS alum - Drew Russell, who tossed his chip 188 feet, 6 inches. The old record was 185-5. Last year’s champion - Jon Elfers of Beaver finished in second place, while James Pratt was third. Elfers threw his chip 150-11 and Pratt’s toss was 102-9.

And, for the seventh straight year, Teri Welty of Laverne won the women’s title. She threw the chip 100-1 and beat multi-time champ Dana Valentine Martin, who was second. Savannah Tillman, also a BHS alum, was third with a toss of 80-1.

In the VIP race, Liberal Mayor Joe Denoyer was first once again with a toss of 81-4 with State Representative Casey Murdock finishing second with a toss of 60-10.



Beaver County Sheriff's office rescue vehicle, It can be used to rescue someone injured at Beaver Dunes and then brought back and delivered to an ambulance. A Medlite Transport device to be installed in the vehicle was donated.
The vehicle was taken to the park and was able to travel all over the Dunes and is available to be used during a rescue. Friday, May 2, 2015.




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